Testimonial: "I'd give them top marks across the board..."

Location : Belmont Hills

"They're doing an exceptional job at Silverado Belmont Hills, I'd give them top marks across the board. They really seem to do everything well! My loved one is a very difficult case, but I couldn't be happier with how they are handling everything. The staff are all very friendly and professional, and the medical director in particular is wonderful. I would highly recommend them!

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 Water Dog Run


Residents provide support for the City of Belmont's inaugural Water Dog Run.

 Testimonial: "Silverado Belmont Hills is a beautiful place, and it fits my sister's needs because she likes to walk outside."


"They keep all the doors open, so the residents can walk to the courtyard -- which is quite large. They can have a nice walk without getting off the premises..."

 Testimonial: "They are very attentive, good caregivers and constantly in contact with us..."


"My relative's room in Silverado Belmont Hills is very nice. The whole facility has a resort-feel to it..."

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