Testimonial: "It is truly the residents' home..."

Location : Belmont Hills

"My father has now been at Silverado for a little over a year. Prior to moving he was living at home with my mom (as his primary care giver) and then I moved in to help - 6 years ago. The time finally came where he needed to have more 'help' and my mom needed to 'live'. We choose Silverado for the beautiful grounds, the different communities, the open door policy and the staff (24 hour nurses). Since moving to Silverado my father has decline - not because of the "lack" of care, "lack" of food, etc - but his decline is due to his disease. The staff at Silverado has helped my family so much with aggressive behavior my father displayed in the beginning to now not needing even a quarter of the medication he started with. A great thing is that Silverado does not sedate their residents but rather find a balance of medication (if needed) so that the residents don't walk around like zombies. They have very healthy food, which is made fresh and served to each resident in their communal dining room. We can visit my father anytime we want and even join him for a meal. One of the things I like most is that every worker there smiles and knows the name of 95%of the residents. It is truly the residents' home... I am so happy that my father is well taken care of. I feel like I am a daughter again and my mom is a wife again AND most importantly that we are now part of a bigger team all helping my father. I would totally recommend visiting (a few times on different days and different times) to see how this place and others places are."

- A Silverado Family Member

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