Testimonial: "Silverado Is Gold..."

Location : Belmont Hills

"My Mom has been at Silverado almost 2 months. So far I am very impressed. It has a huge outdoor area with lots of outdoor furniture and the halls are unlocked during the day. this gives the residents with memory issues, a sense of freedom. The nurses work closely with the primary doctors to adjust meds for quality of life, but never over-medicate.

Hence it is a lively place. The excellent caregivers balance resident's dignity, happiness and safety. The meals are high quality and nutritious. There are an average of 12 activities a day to choose from, which vary and rotate. There are 24-hour sandwiches, ice cream and cookies available. Best is that there are several resident dogs and one cat. The administration and staff have been very supportive of our family as we go through this difficult transition. We are always welcome to share a meal there, go on a field trip, etc.”

- A Silverado Family Member

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 Testimonial: "Silverado Belmont Hills is a beautiful place, and it fits my sister's needs because she likes to walk outside."


"They keep all the doors open, so the residents can walk to the courtyard -- which is quite large. They can have a nice walk without getting off the premises..."

 Testimonial: "They are very attentive, good caregivers and constantly in contact with us..."


"My relative's room in Silverado Belmont Hills is very nice. The whole facility has a resort-feel to it..."

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