Testimonial: "This is an absolutely beautiful place..."

Location : Belmont Hills

"My husband is in Silverado. This is our choice because it was the largest facility I could find for him. My husband has dementia and he is a walker. He never stops walking and he walks from 8 in the morning until 9 at night. He actually walks through every inch of that facility daily. He is able to walk indoor or outdoor. In this facility, there is a diversity there that he could stay there until he goes through hospice at the end, so he doesn't have to get out of this facility at any point in time.

This is an absolutely beautiful place. They are located on something like 18 acres of land. The outside grounds have redwood trees. They have seating areas and picnic tables. They have gardens. They are all within the complex inside the gate. It is also a totally closed facility. My husband can walk through the whole building, which is a big L-shaped almost a block long. Then on the outside, it is even 10 times larger. It is a total dementia facility. It is expensive. They have as much rooms as 100 beds. They have four buildings that are all connected with a dining room in each of the four buildings. A person can choose whatever dining room he/she wants to eat in.

With regards to activities, residents can do whatever they want. They can participate in any of them. Their staff has been so very nice. Anytime I'm there and I see something that needs repair; I just tell them, and they would come and fix it immediately. They're excellent. I will recommend this place."

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 Testimonial: "Silverado Belmont Hills is a beautiful place, and it fits my sister's needs because she likes to walk outside."


"They keep all the doors open, so the residents can walk to the courtyard -- which is quite large. They can have a nice walk without getting off the premises..."

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