Testimonial: "The energy of the staff is remarkable and inspirational..."

Location : Calabasas

"The thing that stands out most to me is how caring and compassionate the staff are at Silverado. The energy of the staff is remarkable and inspirational. I'm also thrilled with the community pets and Silverado's commitment to keeping residents surrounded by animals and allowing their pets to continue to live with them during this stage of their lives. It's wonderful."

- A Silverado Family Member

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 Testimonial: "I have a peace of mind that my dad is in good hands and is safe in his new living environment...."


"My father has recently moved into this community and we have no complaints of how things are going for him. The staff are all lovely and I am comfortable with the care he has been receiving..."

 Testimonial: "Caring with love, kindness and professionalism..."


"Silverado executes their program with unyielding love and attention to the safety and well-being of every one of the residents..."

 Testimonial: "Silverado has been wonderful, caring and compassionate..."


Our personal physician says Silverado is the finest care provider he has seen in all his years practicing medicine...

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