Pet Therapy Dog Brightens Everyone's Day

Location : Los Angeles Hospice

Ash At Two Palms 10-11-13



It was a beautiful morning as I pulled into the driveway of a nearby nursing facility to accompany our volunteer, Lisa, and pet therapy dog, Ash, to visit hospice patients. We met in the parking lot and entered the facility together.


We were immediately greeted by the staff who excitedly came over to meet the big furry hospice dog named Ash. Everyone instantly pulled out their phones and began taking photos. Ash was dressed in a black and red devil costume for Halloween and looked adorable.


We made our way to the activity room where residents were able to pet and meet Ash. Ash was soaking up all the attention, as the joy and love for animals was seen in the many smiling faces. One resident commented that her childhood dog was the same breed. She said, “having Ash here brings back so many fond memories.” Another woman asked over and over again if Ash could stay at the facility.


After meeting the residents in the activity room, we went to visit our hospice patients in their individual rooms. A patient’s wife just happen to show up and was delighted to see the hospice team and dog visiting. The other patient was noticeably soothed by Ash’s presence and even let out a cry when Ash left the room. The day was a wonderful testament to the wonderful healing power of pets.


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