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Testimonial: "I cannot believe the change in them..."

Location : Escondido

"My mother and father were both admitted to Silverado Escondido today after a gut wrenching search for placement for them both since their recent diagnosis of Alzheimers dementia and my father's recent head trauma from a fall. 

Today I have been a basket case since my mom was gently led away from me for a "tour" which was her admission as I left the building. She has spent the past 9 days sitting staring at my father in the hospital and asking what happened to him. My father arrived an hour later from a rehab facility where he has been curled up in the fetal position for days.

I just received an email with a photo and update on my parents activities since arriving. In the photo they are playing ping-pong! They have met the other residents, gone to an ice cream social, played with the resident pets, and are currently dining together!  I cannot believe the change in them. With their disease, they had become so socially withdrawn and isolated. 

It's only the first afternoon, but a miracle has occurred, and I am hopeful that under the loving care of the remarkable people I have met at Silverado in the past few days, they will continue to finally have direction and purpose in their lives again."

- A loving family member

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