Silverado CEO Talks to Smart Business Magazine About The Company’s Future

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By Silverado Staff Writer

At Silverado, we’re fortunate to have a leader who truly stands behind the company’s vision – and has done so since founding the company. Part of that leadership involves developing a strong financial model to ensure that Silverado can continue its mission to enrich lives.

Silverado president, chairman and CEO Loren Shook made the cover of Smart Business Magazine (Orange County) in June after talking to the publication about the company’s long-term success and a new financing deal.

Get the full story here and check out these highlights from Loren’s interview:

On Finding Your [Business] Soul Mate: “Whenever I started a meeting with a potential financial partner where there was equity or debt, I always started the meeting by telling them what the vision of the company was. If they didn’t have an interest in the vision and the purpose, the meeting was over because we were not in alignment.”

How to Lean on Your Culture: Our vision is to change peoples’ lives. So people who work within a company like our’s, in order for the culture to exist, would have to have an alignment or purpose in life with that. Their individual purpose in life doesn’t have to be the same purpose, but it needs to be something that is compatible with the major purpose of the company.”

On Believing in What You Do: “People who invest in business want to make a difference too. If you get a good return on your investment and make a difference in peoples’ lives as well, then you will win attracting that capital to your company compared to somebody else who is just giving them a return.”

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