Testimonial: "All the staff are caring and compassionate individuals..."

Location : Orange County Hospice

Understanding dementia. It is that simple. Irina, our RN, was in step with the specialty needs of dementia. Thank you, Irina. All hospice firms try to sell you their services similar to the manner that an HR manager sells a rosy picture to join their company. They all order supplies and equipment. But, what do they know and practice daily? Do they have with 80% of their patients suffering of dementia? We needed to change firms three times because hospice does not mean dementia and the lack of dementia training made it worse when this time of life is to be or can be, special and easier for the dementia sufferer. Example: The home health aid from other companies would change every two or three visits. This confuses a dementia patient and the HHA does not learn the dementia needs nor were they trained on dementia. Changing to Silverado, we have had the same HHA, every time and she was trained on dementia approach and re-direct. Irina, our RN, (we were in Newport Beach) was in step with the dementia specialty needs. From dementia health management to the proper approach to the patient with dementia. Other hospice companies treated our family member like a one size fits all, be it cancer hospice, etc.  If this is all new to you, dementia needs specialists caregivers. A hospice firm that has many cancer patients, etc. is not sensitive to the issues you and my family experience for our dementia loved one. Dementia has special needs from approach, how to talk to a dementia patient, to showering, dressing, medication needs, etc. Silverado's care included important emotional and spiritual needs with visits from dementia specialized clergy and social worker(s) that understand dementia. I thank them too.

All made our loved one 100% comfortable without marginalization. Rather validating her and knowing how to do this for dementia sufferers. All the staff are caring and compassionate individuals that understand and speak, dementia. If you family has hospice needs for dementia, use Silverado.  I had to go through three companies to learn the hard way that if the visitors are not trained and certified in dementia, it makes it worse for the patient. It was that bad due to the one size fits all method.  If you have experienced sundowning or shower time issues, then you understand.  Those issues will all be reduced or go away with the dementia trained and certified staff at Silverado. They even brought volunteers' that added touch point value. Try Silverado first and lower your heartbreaking emotions from the start.

- Jim H.

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 Testimonial: "I highly recommend and extend my most sincere gratitude to Silverado Hospice."


"I would like to thank their team for such a positive experience during a very difficult time..."

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