Testimonial: "Watching them treat my mom with dignity and respect gave me comfort when I couldn't be with her..."

Location : Orange County Hospice

My sister and I are so grateful for Silverado Hospice. My mom was on Hospice just short of a year. Silverado employees were constantly in communication with me regarding my mom's condition. Watching them treat my mom with dignity and respect gave me comfort when I couldn't be with her. When we knew the end was near and my grief was taking hold the social worker that came to visit noticed a cross above my mothers bed and asked if she was religious. I responded yes she is catholic, she promptly asked if I wanted her to contact a priest for a blessing. I am so grateful during a very stressful time they remembered something that was very important to my mother, my sister and myself. To all who were personally involved with my mother Garnet's care, thank you."

- A Silverado Family Member

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