Testimonial: "Silverado has been a wonderful saving grace..."

Location : Beverly Place

"My sister has early Alzheimer's dementia. As hard as we tried keeping her home, it was not good for anyone. Silverado has been a wonderful saving grace. She is able to be active and involved...something we could not do for her enough at home. They are very understanding and we can take her out for lunch or an outing whenever we want. I wish this disease did not exist but if it has to this has been an outstanding alternative. It does not have that nursing home smell and that staff is wonderful."

- A Silverado Family Member

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 Testimonial: "I am deeply grateful to the staff at Silverado for the respectful care and attention they gave to my mother and the support for us."


"As a daughter of a ninety five year old mother with dementia I know what it's like to make the decision to entrust your loved one to the care of others..."

 Testimonial: "There have been more individual acts of kindness by the staff than I can count..."


"It's the people and environment that make Silverado so great..."

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