Testimonial: "The staff at Silverado are just amazing. They simply love their community and the people living in it..."

Location : Beverly Place

"I have a loved one at Silverado. Dealing with Alzheimer's is such a horrible experience for the person with it and the family. The staff at Silverado are just amazing. They simply love their community and the people living in it. I made it my business to become part of that community so I could educate myself and also see how my loved one was being treated. Therefore I am at Silverado a lot. When you walk in you smell baked cookies. You are greeted with a smile from someone from the front desk. The caregivers are holding, helping, feeding, loving anyone that lives there. The executive staff are always available to make your life a little easier and your loved ones. I feel safe that my loved one is safe. I feel such gratitude that I can afford Silverado and that they run it with such a loved based community. My loved one has friends and sits at the same table every day with the same people and of course they scoot over for me at lunch time. We laugh and have as much fun as possible under the circumstances. I want to (and I do) tell everyone that if your need a facility to hold your hand, the families and your loved ones you need to go to Silverado. It is just the best."

- Suzanne H.

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