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The Magic of Intergenerational Programming

Location : Beverly Place
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Residents spend a day with children from the Center for Early Education

The Center for Early Education in West Hollywood, also known as the C-School, is a socio-economically and culturally diverse independent school for children, toddler through grade six.

The almost-twenty 6th graders joined an improv class with Sue and Dani from Laughter on Call with our residents and it was a day to remember for everyone!

The art and therapy of generative storytelling can be seen where those coping with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis collaborate on creating stories that bring out their years of insights and imagination. Both students and residents built a story worth remembering filled with various characters, roller coaster rides,  and many plot twists! The children really especially got into the Improv mode, taking the stories to the next level.

After Improv with our residents, the students went to the Loft neighborhood and helped residents prepare sandwiches for the homeless while they talked about life. The children used this opportunity to interview Silverado’s residents, who are veterans, leaders and artists. The residents were more than thrilled to answer all of their questions! Time went by so fast that it did not even feel like the whole morning had gone by before it was already time to say goodbye, but they will be back soon!

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