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Silverado Resident Builds New Friendships Through Nexus at Silverado

Location : Beach Cities

On April 27, 2015 Jimmie Choi arrived at Silverado Beach Cities from a community in Northern California. The transition to Beach Cities had been initiated by his daughter who wanted him to be closer to his family, especially since Jimmie was in poor health and resistive to care. His daughter referred to him as sad and anxious. She hoped that Silverado would bring back the funny, easygoing father she remembered.

At first, Jimmie was hesitant to participate - he stood back from engagement and tried to isolate in his room. However, with continued encouragement from associates and other residents, the jovial Jimmie his daughter had described has emerged. Not only has he lost some weight (a good thing!) and his health improved, but he has also developed new friendships.

On any given day, you can find Jimmie with the Nexus group, in conversation with his friends or playing with the community dog, Tofu. He enjoys participating in cognitive stimulation exercises, like trivia, which has earned him the nickname of "the walking encyclopedia." Jimmie is known to be quite the dancer - whenever an entertainer visits the community, he is the first to make his way to the dance floor!

Moving to Silverado Beach Cities, has also allowed Jimmie the opportunity to strengthen relationships with his daughter and grandson, which he relishes in. Jimmie Choi is truly a Nexus success story and an example of how Silverado enriches the lives of our residents.

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