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Testimonial: "A COMPLETE blessing to my family..."

Location : Beach Cities

"Choosing to place my grandfather in a facility was the hardest and most heart wrenching decision we've ever had to make, but his Alzheimer's left us with no other option. Silverado deserves far more than 5 stars, this facility has been a COMPLETE blessing to my family. It's definitely worth every single penny spent. Initially my family was guilt ridden by the idea of having to place him in a facility, but now we've realized that Silverado provides my grandfather with a far better quality of life than we could have ever given him. 

When my grandfather was accepted by Silverado a year ago, he would've been denied by most others because it wasn't only that he was incapable of taking care of himself, he was a danger to others. The Alzheimer's completely changed my grandfather and he went from being the kindest man I know, to angry, short tempered, and sometimes violent.  He had been 5150'ed prior to being placed here, and at one point sedation and restraints were how he was kept safe, all that changed at Silverado. They have an entire team of people working with him to preserve his quality of life, balancing out his medications so he's functional and safe. 

They provide so much for everyone living here - art, music, book readings, exercises, bingo, casino night, regular outings, etc. There are activities scheduled throughout the entire day, every day for my grandfather to stay engaged. Pets on the premises: cats, dogs, and birds.  My grandfather is kept groomed, they shave him, give him hair cuts, trim his nails, wash his laundry, keep him clean. Transportation is provide to and from his doctor appointments. On his birthday they baked cupcakes for him. Ladies can get their nails painted. Silverado provides as much normalcy as possible.  

In the year that my grandfather has spent at Silverado, there has been nothing but great things for us to say about this place.  They provide us with peace of mind that he's in wonderful hands - Silverado has an absolutely amazing staff. 

Also, no matter how bad his Alzheimer's becomes, he's never going to be kicked out because he needs a higher level of care, they will continue to accommodate his needs as the disease progresses."

- Dana M.

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