Beach yoga classes help Alzheimer's patients stretch bodies and minds

Location : San Juan Capistrano
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*Photos taken by Shelby Wolfe, OC Register Staff Photographer

OC REGISTER— San Juan Capistrano, CA — July 16, 2015 — 

OC Register's author Monique Beals discusses the Nexus program at Silverado and Silverado San Juan Capistrano's beach yoga program. 

"Every Wednesday, several Silverado residents, most of whom have either dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, travel to the beach for a yoga class. While the class makes for a nice change of scenery, it also has a positive effect on their health and well-being, Silverado spokesman David Gill said.

'Studies have shown that programs like this will help people with very early stage dementia and mild cognitive impairments,' Gill said.

While dementia or Alzheimer’s cannot be cured or prevented, memory-care communities like Silverado find ways to keep people living with those conditions engaged and active.

The yoga classes began in January as part of a program called Nexus at Silverado, which is based on six pillars: physical exercise, stress reduction, cognitive exercise, specialized digital programs, purposeful social activities and support groups.

Yoga helps with stress reduction and is one of the weekly programs Nexus at Silverado offers that are designed to grow and retain Silverado residents’ cognitive ability.

Linda Szemenyei, the director of resident engagement at Silverado, decided to bring yoga to the community to reduce the residents’ stress and keep their minds active. Szemenyei, who’s been with Silverado for 10 years, brought a certified yoga instructor to the community to see how the residents would respond to a yoga class.

'The yoga program is all about inspiring people to go out and have a different environment,' Szemenyei said."

Read the full article here.

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