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Testimonial: "It is a blessing that Silverado can handle all levels of care."

Location : San Juan Capistrano

"My father has been living here at Silverado for five and a half years. We come twice a week to visit and have lunch with him. I am always amazed at the patience and caring displayed by the staff, from the caregivers right up to management. I could never do their job, and because they do it so well, I don't have to feel guilty about that. Alzheimer's disease sucks- for those afflicted by it, and for their families. It is a progressive disease.

When my father first came here, he could still walk and take care of his own hygiene. That is no longer true. It is a blessing that Silverado can handle all levels of care. At some facilities, he would have had to have been moved as he deteriorated. Consistency of surroundings is really important to those with Alzheimer's.

They have pets that roam the facility freely, they decorate for every holiday, and the place is squeaky clean and smells good. They have daily activities and entertainment and try to include all of the residents to whatever level they are comfortable with.

The food here is good, like I said, I have lunch here twice a week. Family is always welcome to drop in- anytime. The nursing staff is professional and friendly and I get a phone call any time my father so much as stubs his toe. Making the decision to place a loved one in a "home" is difficult- you hear such horror stories- I am so grateful for the level of care my father receives at Silverado."

- Melody C., a loving Silverado family member

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