Silverado Caregivers Ensure A Smooth Transition From At Home Care To Assisted Living

Location : Bay Area At Home

By: Steven Gonzalez, At Home Administrator 

As someone who manages and works with a team of highly-trained caregivers, I often witness the emotional and physical strain faced by families when transitioning from home care to assisted living. At Silverado, our talented team is equipped to minimize the strain – which means we’re always adapting to our clients’ individual needs. 

About a month ago, Ms. M – one of our At Home clients – was having a difficult time transitioning into the Belmont Hills memory care community. Ms. M's Life Care Manager immediately began work on a solution, creating a daily flexible schedule designed specifically to make her transition as easy as possible. As part of the transition, a caregiver would pick her up from her home and bring her to the community to participate in daily engagements and enjoy gourmet meals. And at the end of each day, the caregiver would bring her back home to her family.

After about a month, Ms. M and her family felt comfortable moving her into our Belmont Hills community. Her caregiver continued to assist with the transition, and kept her involved while getting assimilated.

Ms. M's story is just one of the many ways we work together with clients, their families and the community to ensure a smooth transition. Each transition is truly an enriching experience for my staff and me, and people like Marion inspire us to go a step above and beyond every day!

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