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Loving and Laughing with Lily

Location : Tustin Hacienda Memory Care Community
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Sharing a resident's special moments and relationships

Bonds That Last Beyond a Lifetime

Lily was a well-loved resident of Silverado Tustin Hacienda for five years before she passed away. Her caregivers, Sylvia and Marcela, were more than just that; they were Lily's close friends. Their special bond illustrates the magic of Silverado - that our philosophy of care is only as strong as the associates that deliver it on a daily basis.

As much as Lily looked to Silverado for care and comfort, her caregivers, too, saw in Lily a spirited friend and confidant. When Lily's family moved her into the community, they never even imagined the relationships that would bloom during her time here. Even now, Lily's daughters, Doris and Sylvia, continue to treasure and remember fondly the friendships and memories their mother made at Silverado.

Caregiver Marcela was never able to have a close relationship with her own grandmother due to distance. She points out, "Our job is very misunderstood, but people fail to realize that caring for a senior is a beautiful, life-altering journey that makes you realize how much love you've been missing your whole life, until you meet your resident."

Sylvia had great admiration for Lily as well. She shares, "Lily was also an incredible business woman, good with numbers. She loved playing blackjack and enjoying the game with her friends. Lily wasn't just lucky, she calculated it by the numbers she had on her card."

Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional

Marcela always enjoys sharing Lily's more mischievous side. "She had great timing with a joke. There was another resident with whom Lily had a 'Lucy and Ethel'-type dynamic." Marcela remembers a particular time they went out to eat, where they discovered the restaurant offered a senior discount. This other resident says, "How do they know I am a senior?" Lily stares at her, peering over her glasses and, without missing a beat, remarks, "Well, you sure look like a senior!"

Sylvia recalls another moment they shared during dinner at the community. One of Lily's friends had an upcoming birthday, and Lily, curious, asks her, "How old are you turning?" Her friend tenses up and asserts that she never gives out her age. They sit in silence for a few seconds. Then, in true Lily fashion, she asks, "What year did you graduate from high school?" Her friend's response, "Nice try, Lily, but I still won't tell you," was immediately followed by an eruption of laughter.

A Caring Mother Through and Through

Recently, Doris and Sylvia were sitting outside together having lunch on the patio, sharing stories about their mother, when they were visited by a Japanese beetle. From that moment on, this beautiful beetle would represent Lily's spirit, a fitting symbol for an incredible matriarch and friend. Lily herself had a doting family and a number of grandchildren who would often come visit her. It was at our community that her maternal instincts had found a perfect home. She especially loved showering Marcela's own two daughters, Adeline and Bella, with affection.

Lily's nurturing nature goes beyond that of children, often providing guidance to anyone that needs it. Marcela recalls a lasting piece of advice that Lily consistently shared: "You need to communicate." Marcela recalls her personal experience with Lily's wisdom: "When I come to work, I am ready to be upbeat and attentive to residents. But, one time, I had some challenging things going on in my life and, immediately, Lily saw it and asked me to talk about it. That was who she was. She would tell us all that things would be better if we all communicated."

Lily cared for everyone and anyone she encountered. The love she expressed to fellow residents and associates has made a lasting impact. Marcela comments, "It didn't matter if she hadn't previously met you. She always went out of her way to make sure everyone was well taken care of and comfortable. And when she loved, she loved with all her heart."

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