Testimonial: "I would like to share with you our family's pleasure with the care provided by Silverado..."

Location : Tustin

"Dear Ms. LaTressa Williams,

...I would like to share with you our family's pleasure with the care provided by the Silverado staff for our 93 year old mother, Lois...The staff is equally as kind and caring, from the laundress who greets all with a ready smile as she delivers clean clothes, to the hairdresser who gives such an added boost to residents as family as she helps our mothers and fathers to look like the beautiful people they are in our hearts. Even the maintenance fellows pitch in cheerily when needed...Not enough can be said about the activity staff who provide so many varied activities promoting much excitement, engagement, and laughter among the residents. [My mother] constantly tells me how nice it is and how kind everyone is to her. 

With gratitude for all that all of you do,

Cheri Hansen"

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