20 Years of Enriching Lives

Location : Highland Park
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Celebrating an associate's 20th Anniversary at Silverado

March 26, 2019 marked a very special day at Silverado Highland Park, for this day was the 20th anniversary of our community's very own Director of Health Services, Marcia Kravetz. From California to Illinois, the countless moments she has shared at Silverado with associates and residents and all the lives she has touched have made a lasting impact on Silverado's history. Always there to help those in need and possessing unparalleled compassion for others, Marcia is a true embodiment Silverado's philosophy of "Love is Greater Than Fear". It's no exaggeration when we say that Marcia's influence has made Highland Park into what it is today!

It was only appropriate that this anniversary party was as amazing as the person being celebrated. Marcia herself was filled with joy upon arriving at the party. From the delicious food to the live music, there was no end to the festivities that day! Having known Marcia for 20 years, we knew everything we needed to about her to make sure the party was perfect, from wearing outfits in her favorite colors, pink and black, to having her favorite type of cake, carrot cake! Marcia's fellow associates shared their favorite memories and words of endearment of Marcia and a toast by her husband was given in her honor.

Congratulations on your 20 years of service at Silverado, Marcia!

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