Bowling for Happiness

Location : Highland Park
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Prior to moving into Silverado, Enid would keep to herself in her room, not experiencing anything life had to offer or spending time with family. Her family decided to move Enid to Silverado after her previous living arrangement at a neighboring assisted living community abruptly came to an end. Little did they know that this would be a blessing in disguise.

Since moving to Silverado, Enid’s family has noticed a drastic improvement in her personality and attitude. At every community engagement or activity, you can always find Enid at the forefront, having a great time and socializing with other residents and associates. She gets along well with everyone and loves attending community outings, especially bowling! Enid even celebrated her 90th birthday with her Silverado family and friends. When asked how she was feeling, she responded with a joyful “Fantastic!”, which, according to her grandchildren, was the first time they had ever heard her feel this way.

Enid’s is just one of many stories that show how Silverado changes lives.

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