Girl With Piano, Will Travel

Location : Highland Park
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Rita has had her piano since she was 7 years old. Her grandparents managed to move it from one apartment to another every time they had to move during the Great Depression of the 1930's. She was classically trained and still has, to some degree, the ability to play by ear. She was taught to play using sheet music that rested on the Music Shelf, but she was also able to play popular music, chords and all, without looking at printed music. This ability became more and more useful when she began developing macular degeneration and had increasing difficulty reading music. 

Never shy, she is always happy to sit down at a piano and play for or with other people, or accompany singers. Her daughter remembers seeing her mother accompany the annual shows put on by the PTA at her school. She loved playing the piano for and with her daughters, especially folk music, pop music (from her generation) and classical music. Her daughters both learned to play on the same piano starting from a young age!

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