Testimonial: "It's amazing how respectful the staff is and how much patience they have with the residents and their visiting family and friends..."

Location : Highland Park

"When you call Silverado on the phone, the receptionist says, "It's a great day at Silverado." What they don't tell you is how great of a day they are making it for your mother, father, aunt,  nieces, nephews, uncle, sister, brother or actually me. It's amazing how respectful the staff is and how much patience they have with the residents and their visiting family and friends..  

See, I live in a different town than my Mom. And, as a daughter of a loved one that has declining memory and cognitive abilities, my days were filled with seesawed emotions of guilt and helplessness. 

After my father passed away, my family and I went the route of hiring home care workers. As time went on we saw that our mother was getting more depressed in addition to the risks of having only one person available for her care. Plus, we also had to manage the home care worker. Even when you get home care workers through an agency, there are a myriad of things that you need to deal with to stay on top of your loved ones' care, from groceries to doctor visits to personality conflicts that always seem to happen with one on one care. My parents had always been against being in a senior living facility so we thought we were doing the right thing with home care. 

Within a year, between managing things going wrong with the house, home care details and medical issues it was becoming evident we needed to look at other solutions. My brother told us about Silverado, and I remember his enthusiasm. Though, what caught my attention most was the hope in his voice about a place where my Mom could make new good memories and actually live a rewarding life. 

The decision to move my Mom there was still not an easy one, and we thought she was going to vehemently fight the change. We disagreed among ourselves as to what we should do, but finally we came to the consensus to move her to Silverado. 

My sister-in-law was the brave soul who actually took my Mom there, as the rest of us are cowards. Thank goodness she had the courage. Because of her courage, my Mom now is actually enjoying her life, and what we struggled over for so long seems like it should have been a forgone conclusion. Our only regret is that we didn't facilitate this move earlier. 

My Mom took to Silverado fast and loves it there. I came into town to visit her and couldn't believe that I was seeing her smile. I haven't really seen her smile or be happy at all since my father passed away. They keep her busy with activities and stimulation. Oh, and she likes the food too, but who wouldn't like being served in a nice dining room after serving others for so many years. It seems she has a new lease on life. So, not only is it a wonderful day at Silverado it is a day and a place filled with miracles. And, if you do live far away they are happy to arrange Skype calls with your loved one.

I highly recommend Silverado to anyone looking for a memory care living facility for someone they care deeply about."

- A Loving Family Member

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