From Wheelchair-Bound to Walking on Her Own

Location : Lake Zurich
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Resident Linda makes an astounding recovery after moving into our community

Linda moved into the Silverado Lake Zurich community in early 2019. Linda arrived at our community in a wheelchair, unable to feed herself or hold a conversation. We learned that at the previous community she was in, she had sustained a fall which led to her overall health declining. Initially, upon moving into our enrichment cottage, she required assistance with all of her daily activities.

However, quite drastically, she began showing improvements since moving in. She was no longer incontinent and when our associates noticed that she still had strength in her legs, they began taking walks with her! Soon, Linda was able to walk on her own without the help of any devices! She continues improving her strength every day with physical therapy. In fact, nowadays, she is able to feed herself and even enjoys having meals with other residents and family!

Linda's improvements don't stop there! When she first moved into our community, she was very shy, only uttering a couple words here and there. These days, Linda is noticeably more social and you might even see her singing at our community! It became apparent that Linda loves music and our associates have given her a pair of Eversound headphones so she can be fully immersed in her favorite tunes.

Linda is a compassionate person, even having worked with children all her life. Her caring nature continues living on at our community as she can often be seen comforting or offering her company to residents in distress. Silverado is Linda's home and we are so thankful to have her as part of our family!

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