Lake Zurich's Ray of Sunshine

Location : Lake Zurich
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Resident Ray shows what Nexus® at Silverado can accomplish

Ray moved into our community in October 2018. Initially, he was very withdrawn, required a walker to ambulate, incontinent and needed assistance with daily activities. When he moved into our enrichment cottage, he would spend most of his time inside his room, not coming out for engagements and even requesting to have his meals in there.

However, after about a week, we started to see something change in Ray. He began making noticeable improvements to his wellbeing. Suddenly, he was able to use the bathroom by himself and even started venturing out of his room more and more. He would enjoy watching football on Sundays in the living room with other residents, he began eating his meals in the dining room and holding conversations with others. He took on a physical therapy regimen, gaining his strength back and eventually being able to ambulate without his walker! Ray was continuing to excel in all aspects of his life and was really starting to fit right into the Silverado culture, so much so that we decided to move him into our Nexus® program.

We immediately knew we made the right decision the moment Ray moved into Nexus. He was engaged, eating all his meals in the dining room and requesting to go on resident outings! Nowadays, Ray can usually be seen participating in trivia or educating residents during history club. He is always up for going out to grab a bite and one of the first to welcome new residents into the community! Ray's company is enough to brighten anyone's day!

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