Resident Creates a Work of Art that Depicts His Life

Location : Lake Zurich
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Although his memory is fading due to Alzheimer’s disease, Lake Zurich resident Karl-Heinz Brockerhoff created a work of art that tells the story of his life. Brockerhoff grew up in Germany where, at the young age of 11, he was kidnapped and forced into World War II. After the war, and for fear of his life,

he escaped from Germany to the United States, where he and his wife raised their son. New to the country, it was difficult at first for Brockerhoff to find a job, but he was determined to provide for his family and soon found a job as a painter’s apprentice. After years
of perfecting his skill as an apprentice, he eventually was able to work for himself and started his own career as a painter.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Brockerhoff moved to Silverado Lake Zurich where he continues to live a full life — his love for paint and the arts has never wavered. Not long before coming to Silverado, he created a painting, which he described as the story of his life, depicting both his trials and his triumphs. At Silverado, Brockerhoff continues to play his harmonica and play the piano — both remarkable feats for a gentleman affected by Alzheimer’s.

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