Testimonial: "Each person is treated with respect and gentleness..."

Location : Lake Zurich

"Silverado Lake Zurich Illinois is made up of four cottages grouped together just off Old Rand Road. The facility has the ability to house 25 residents per cottage. Their whole approach to memory care is totally different from any other facility I have been in. Each person is treated with respect and gentleness. There are no chemical or physical restraints used. Each person is treated as an adult and guided into whatever activities that seem to bring them pleasure and spark their interest.  Animals are a wonderful plus. The cottage my husband is in has an amazing cat named Holly MeMew who hangs out with my husband a lot. She enjoys a nice place to snooze and the entertainment right outside the window of my husbands room by the birds feeding at a small feeder keeps her happy. Her presence brings much comfort to my husband.

Each person is treated individually. For instance my husband is still able to do many things that involve hand tools and loves to help put things together. He helped put together a popcorn popping cart last week. The popcorn was a great treat. A young man came in and played the piano and sang a lot of tunes from the "good old days".

Flutter the bird ambassador tweeted her last tweet several weekends ago. The next day the cage was cleaned and my husband and one of the Directors went shopping. They returned with 2 parakeets, one blue and the other green. Each of the cottages has different pets that have been vetted to make sure they will get along with other pets as well as the people living there, as well as making sure they had the proper shots. 

The caregivers and nurses are excellent. They enjoy their jobs and can even bring their children to work. The caregivers work together as a team and enjoy being around all sorts of different people. I have an electronic key that lets me into the cottages at Silverado. There are no visiting hours. I may come at any time  to see my husband. Visitors are encouraged to stay for meals, There is no extra cost for visitor meals."

- Linda S.

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