PHOTO: Silverado Resident Bonds with Silverado Pet Turtle!

Location : Orchard Park (Morton Grove)
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Silverado Orchard Park resident Frances, absolutely loves our turtle, Michelangelo. Every day she eats breakfast and then goes to visit her friend in his tank. Frances isn’t incredibly social, and suffers from a lot of anxious moments, but spending time with her “best friend” calms her like nothing else.

We’ve had the turtle for several years, but I have never seen him interact with anyone. Yes, I said interact. Michelangelo seems to recognize Frances and as she holds up her hand to the tank, he swims over and literally seems to waves at her. She has sweet little conversations with him and moves her hand back and forth watching him swim along following her motions.

This will usually go on for about an hour each day, after which time Frances realizes that Michelangelo might be a little tired and she leaves him to rest. Frances recently moved from our 3rd to the 4th floor, and we knew that Michelangelo would need to make the move as well. They both have adjusted well to their new surroundings, and every day, Frances continues to visit her friend in his tank.

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