Silverado Residents Connects Through Nexus Social Engagements

Location : Naperville
  • Nexus Robert F
  • Nexus Sheila F

Robert S.

Robert S. was among one of the youngest Silverado residents. From the time he moved in, Robert was very difficult to engage with and had so many excuses for why he was unable to participate in any of the daily programs. Then one day the Nexus group was going out to pick the tomatoes that they had planted and Robert decided he would give it a try.  The rest is history, he is now participating in many of the engagements and his mood and entire demeanor has completely changed!

Sheila F.

When Sheila F. first moved in, her family had doubts about how well she would do at Silverado after living independently at home for so long. They were fearful of how she would do with a roommate and that she would isolate and stay in her room all of the time. Sheila’s mood dramatically impacts her ability to participate in engagements and when she is anxious or agitated, she struggles with most tasks. Since she began participating in our Nexus program, her mood has improved tremendously.  She attends every engagement offered and her episodes of anxiety have decreased because of her involvement.  Sheila is truly an example of how participating in the Nexus program brings purpose to our residents' lives.  

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