The Love of a Silverado Caregiver

Location : Naperville

By Silverado Caregiver, Ashunti Flowers

The simple dictionary definition of a caregiver is one who is an unpaid or paid person who helps another person with an impairment impacting their activities of daily living. 

There are caregivers in this world and then there are Silverado caregivers. A Silverado caregiver’s care is built on love. 

When a resident is having a difficult day, Silverado caregivers do everything in their power to improve that resident’s day. It is not always easy, however, love motivates each caregiver to endure and persevere through the difficult day and these residents feel the love. Some examples of love shown to residents include walking laps around the community with the resident until we can’t walk anymore, viewing the resident’s favorite video (Sound of Music) three times a week as if seen it for the very first time, sitting in front of the fireplace snuggling with a resident so they feel the human warmth and dancing to the music with a resident when you are a really bad dancer.

As a Silverado caregiver, I am willing to go above and beyond in everything that I do to provide the best physical and emotional care possible. Every day is a challenge that is rewarding and fulfilling. I know that I come to Silverado Naperville to work alongside some of the best caregivers in the world who also love our residents. Although not all caregivers feel appreciated, at Silverado Naperville I know I am appreciated by the residents, family members and management.

Lastly, I am more than the definition of caregiver as stated above. I am a person who is changing the world for the better through love and not giving in to fear.  

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 Testimonial: "My mom is a resident at Silverado Naperville. They're amazing."


"It's 100% dementia care so everybody there is trained to care for dementia patients. Every staff member is out in the open, so everybody can help with everyone."

 Testimonial: "The constant communication regarding my mother's care and all events Silverado make this a comforting and positive encounter."


"I highly recommend this team and facility to any family going through this anguishing time. This team has brought us joy in our most trying times..."

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