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To the Caregivers of the World...

Location : St. Charles
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"To the caregivers of the world...

Perhaps you think each day you rise
You'll only look into dark eyes
You'll only help a weakened soul
Whose mind is buried in a hole

But know your efforts means so much
Know how endearing is your touch
Your steadfast patience is a gift
Your manner to respond is swift

Are you aware that you've been chosen
To care for those whose life seems frozen
in the strangest of all places
Why them to fall from life's good graces

Remember please how much we care
For each of you and don't despair
When you go home and go to sleep
You've helped those who at home still weep

You've given us a peace of mind
To know our loved one's care is kind
Do know your calling from above
Is that you're angels filled with love"

- D. Kerner

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