From a Musician's Perspective

Location : Onion Creek

Dena Taylor and Floyd Domino's Experience at Silveradon

Dena Taylor and Floyd Domino performed a beautiful duet at Silverado Onion Creek. Read about Dena's experience below.

"We sang and danced... someone came and stood at Floyd's shoulder for a bit and then came and stood at mine for a bit. Before she shuffled off, she whispered in my ear, 'Good stuff!'

I saw another [resident] singing and playing a mean air piano... completely lost to time and place and living only in the music... And tears came to another [resident] who obviously had a resurgent memory attached...

What a gift... I was able to make them smile, laugh... If you are a musician, a reader, a talker, a baker, a teacher... give yourself the gift of visiting a nursing home or assisted living facility near you. Teach a class... sing a song... give someone a manicure or help put together a puzzle. I promise you, you will not be able to come away unchanged!"

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