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Location : Onion Creek
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Janet, our Director of Resident of Engagement at Silverado Onion Creek, explains that the Resident Swim Club originally came together because of Bob. As part of his care plan, our team worked with Bob’s daughter to ensure he could continue swimming laps a few times a week, which has been a great source of physical exercise, leading to better sleep at night. Along with Bob, Mack was immediately on board since he used to enjoy daily lunchtime swims at the Gregory Gym Aquatic Complex for years while he was working at UT. Mack’s sister, Kathleen, loved the idea of accompanying them for some exercise, as well as Tom, who always loved the water. 

Since the group started their regular visits to the YMCA 6 months ago, the club has grown from 1 member to 6, with 3 more talking about joining in very soon. Marsha, who needs the assistance of a walker, is the newest member. In the water, she can benefit from improved circulation, flexibility, strength and endurance. During their time at the Y, they have the opportunity to swim laps, join in a water aerobics program, enjoy the hot tub or just walk laps in the lap pool. Staff accompany them to the pool for safety, reassurance and support. The Y allows us to use their pool under the title of therapeutic programing.

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