Testimonial: "I am thrilled that we selected Silverado as our mother's new home."

Location : Onion Creek

A Letter to Silverado Family Ambassador, Dura Sims


We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and touring your facility. I am thrilled that we selected Silverado as our mother's new home. I know she will be so much better. We have struggled with mom crying about her current situation, unhappy is not in our family dictionary. Mom has never been unhappy so this has affected all of us greatly. If mom cries, we all cry. 

I would like to take a moment and tell you how moved I was about your story and how you began your new career at Silverado. The touching story you told of caring for you grandmother and wanting to reach out to others with same similar problems truly moved me. You are a special person and have been given a gift from God. I believe we all have a purpose in life that God put us on this earth to do his work. And you are following that plan. You are truly a special person.

I was also thrilled about how upbeat, young and vibrant your staff is, it is contagious  and I love that. Everyone seems to love their work...

We look forward to mom's new home!!

Thank you!!

Lori Gunn"

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