Testimonial: "This is the place that you want your loved ones to be..."

Location : Onion Creek

"I have researched, snooped and done the work to provide my 90 year old grandmother with the best care available. I have seen t he good the bad and the ugly! I have been disappointed by other places and have had to move her now three times!

I started looking into Silverado at Onion Creek Memory Care about a year ago, and made lots of "surprise" stops to see what was going on when I was not expected. The facility was always fully staffed, smelled good, and was beautifully appointed. I spoke to Leah, the Family Ambassador, after my first visit and found myself in tears listening to this woman who truly cared for her residents and was genuinely concerned for my grandmother. At that point it was not time to make the move, but I knew it was coming.  

She checked back with me to see how my gran was doing and even sent a box of cupcakes, made by the "cooking club" to my house! A year later I have moved my beloved Mema in and love it! The care she receives by her caregivers, Cynthia and Lucy, is extraordinary. Its not just anyone that I would trust her to for caring for her bodily needs. They bath her and toilet her as if they were taking care of their own bodies. She is very incontinent and they never make her feel like she is belittled by her condition. The staff will not tell you this, but I know it to be true just by how they act: They are driven by something much more than money or position. They truly all have a heart for God and have devoted themselves to the corporal works of mercy that embodies a Christian ethic of standards and care.  

This is the place that you want your loved ones to be, be assured, there will be days that you worry and days that you fret because of the process of watching a loved one deteriorate, but this place will put your mind at ease and help you get the sleep you need so that you can take care of yourself knowing that you made the best decision."

- A Silverado Family Member

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