Testimonial: "Your executive staff, the dining room staff, the caregivers, the folks in laundry, housekeeping and maintenance have been nothing less than spectacular..."

Location : Onion Creek

"Mr. Shook,

My name is James Bellomy and I have recently had to find a new home for my father, Conrad R. Bellomy. I retired from my position in Portland, OR almost four years ago to be a full-time caregiver for him. The best and most challenging decision I have ever made. My dad means the world to me. I lost my mom in 2003. I am writing to express my true gratitude for your staff and facility in Austin.

It was a real struggle for me to make that decision. After an illness and several falls, Dad ended up in the ER and then a rehabilitation hospital. After that, it was clear that I could no longer give him the quality care that he needed. After much soul searching, I knew that we had to make a change. We are blessed that we live just a mile away in the golf club not far from Silverado.

Dad has been there now just over six weeks (we see him every day) and he is doing very well. As in all cases, he would like to be at home but we talk at every visit that this is the best place in the world for him. At first, he didn’t want to eat – he said he didn’t have any money… He didn’t understand that everything was paid for. We have since overcome that hurdle and he is eating just fine and today, when he was weighed, he had gained almost four pounds!

What I am trying to say is that if it weren’t for your incredible team here in Austin, we would be in a very different situation. Your executive staff, the dining room staff, the caregivers, the folks in laundry, housekeeping and maintenance have been nothing less than spectacular. At first, I thought I would visit every day and catch someone doing something wrong or asleep at the wheel. That has never happened, ever. On the contrary, with every visit I (we) feel like we are going to see our extended family. I have met so many wonderful people with so much to offer and share. Your staff brings out the best in everyone.

If there is an award system in your company structure, I strongly encourage you to give this particular facility your attention. They go above and beyond every day. I understand that some residents are “dropped off” by their family and assume all will be OK. Well, shame on them, if they could experience the love that is given to their loved ones they would visit as much as possible, there is no shame. This disease is a horrible thing and I pray that there are advances made every day. Until then, thank you, you are providing a service that only angels usually perform.

Again, thank you for you the difference you have made in this industry and for caring for the ones we love so dearly. I sleep every night knowing that my dad is loved and cared for. There is so much more I would like to express but I think this pretty much sums it up.

Please continue your good work and may you and your employees travel with the grace of God. Again, a most sincere thank you.


With admiration and sincere respect,

James A. Bellomy"

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