Testimonial: "Silverado Fort Worth was just wonderful. They took really good care of Mom..."

Location : Fort Worth

"From what I saw, Silverado Fort Worth was just wonderful. They took really good care of mom. They constantly had people watching them, and it was a wonderful situation for her. The staff was very attentive; if you needed someone, they got there really quickly. They were very good to the family also. They would always have snacks and drinks. I just couldn’t say enough good things about them. They were really good, and it has a homey feeling. There were sitting areas like a living room with chairs, a TV, and a little dining room. It wasn’t the main dining hall, but it was the area that you could sit down with family members to eat, and they would serve the family meals. It was a really wonderful situation. It was probably the cleanest one I have ever been in; it looked immaculate. The eating areas were just immaculate. The people were cleaning a lot, and they did it in a time I didn’t see. It always smells good."

- Tressa, a Silverado Family Member

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