Silverado Resident Volunteers Spread Joy at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

Location : Cypresswood

By Silverado Staff Writer

Hospitals can be big scary places, especially for the children at the Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. To help ease their fears and bring smiles to their faces, the residents at Silverado Senior Living Cypresswood have scheduled a weekly visit.

Many of the residents are former teachers or nurses and were involved in volunteer programs throughout their lives. Having worked with children for much of their life, these residents naturally have a passion for being around youngsters. The program allows the residents to participate with the kids in the hospital’s activities. These visits offer encouragement and a welcomed distraction from the hospital setting. Residents also make and bring care packages to help everyone feel better.

This great summer program gives the residents a sense of purpose and self-worth by helping those in need. Seniors, who have rich years of life experience, have something invaluable to give back to the community and to younger generations.  The residents have a kindness and joyfulness about them that quickly touches the hearts of the children they meet.

For the children at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, all the residents act as additional “grandparental support.” It’s a simple fact, that when most people feel ill, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “what would grandma do?” The resident’s at Silverado Cypresswood spread joy where ever they go.

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