Testimonial: "I've grown to feel like you folks are part of my family, and that means everything to me."

Location : Cypresswood

"Sometimes life throws you curve balls. We certainly got one when my wife Vita was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease thereby changing the remainder of our lives forever. It certainly changed what I thought our retirement years would be like.

Then we got another curve ball when Vita was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and had to go through brain surgery in October of last year. Thank goodness we missed that pitch, and she came through that ordeal with flying colors.

But in His infinite wisdom, God granted us a blessing. That blessing was finding Silverado Cypresswood to assist me with Vita's comfort, health, and well-being going forward. I'm not sure what either of our lives would be like were it not for you and your AMAZING staff. I can't tell you, or thank you enough for the excellent job you and every member of your staff are doing on a 24-hour basis to care for Vita's needs. Everyone is so attentive and always loving towards her (even when the disease causes her to be temperamental at times), and I feel so blessed to have her there in your care.

Everyone calls your facility Memory Care, but I would say Silverado is simply a CARE facility because the atmosphere of "care" permeates the entire place. Yes, you care for Vita's memory, but also her physical and mental well being, and for mine too. Your entire staff is constantly reaching out to me personally to make sure I'm doing OK as we all mutually deal with this terrible disease. I've grown to feel like you folks are part of my family, and that means everything to me.

So, I thank God for the blessing of Silverado Cypresswood, and the phenomenal group of positive and loving people that work there. You are all a true testament of what giving and caring is all about."

-Sam Rose

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