Testimonial: "The team at Silverado goes above and beyond in helping with any problem and solves it..."

Location : Cypresswood

"What a wonderful and welcome experience we had from the minute we arrived!!! Having had my mother in another nearby facility, we are so much more knowledgeable of what was important in a care facility!!! There will never be the perfect utopia, but the team at Silverado goes above and beyond in helping with any problem and solves it. A HUGE shout out to Chris, Melissa, Gigi, Lesly and the entire staff. All of the people working for this company reach out with a genuine desire to assist. Yes, Silverado is slightly more expensive than what we were paying in the same area, but please look at what all of that includes; well worth not needing to keep up with ordering supplies, etc... We love the care that is taken with the nursing staff! This team of men and women are open and available to help and answer your questions. If you are frustrated with where your family member is currently and not thrilled about them being sat in front of a TV all the time, you will be amazed at the constant attention that Silverado gives to keep their residents mentally and physically stimulated! I urge you to go visit and see what ALL you get for the cost, as peace of mind and safety is priceless!!!"


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