Beach Party Birthday

Location : North Houston

Silverado and Rosemont in Kingwood brought the beach to her!

The only request Jean Chambers had for her 93rd birthday was to go to the beach one more time. Her love for the beach had been a life long passion she shared with her daughter, Susan Cilie.

Susan, Jean's daughter, shares:

"My earliest memory is playing at the beach in Florida, [my mom] said one of my first sentences was “foot to water”.  Mom and I have been beach bums ever since.  We’ve collected shells from all over, and have so many they are in storage.  Our favorite saying is 'There’s no such thing as a bad day at the beach!'”

Silverado and Rosemont had planned on a big beach party for her on September 19th. But Jean's health was declining, making the chance of her not making it to her big day becoming very real. So, on September 4th Silverado and Rosemont of Kingwood pulled together and brought the beach to her and her daughter, complete with water, sand, sea shells, ocean music, and pink flamingo's.

Everyone was involved and she LOVED it.  She sat with her feet in the "ocean" with a big smile on her face for over an hour.

What a wonderful experience for all in attendance!

Jean passed on September 10th - and now we can smile knowing that she got her last request to visit the beach.

Jean Chambers

L to R: Michelle Harrison RNCM Silverado Hospice, Susan Cilie daughter, Jean, Irma Glueck Medical Social Worker Silverado Hospice

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