Breast Cancer Awareness Month and "Team Marie"

Location : North Houston
Team Marie

North Houston Hospice Sports Pink T-Shirts for a Very Special Cause

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year it has been a unique experience to Silverado North Houston.

On October 21, 2015 the entire Silverado Hospice North team sported pink Breast Cancer and Team Marie t-shirts in support of one of "their own" who is currently battling breast cancer herself.

Marie Luque, Office Manager was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-August. She immediately began her chemo cocktails, which she completed recently. 12 more weeks of weekly chemo is next, followed by surgery and radiation. Although she has responded well to the regimen, anyone has or knows someone that has gone through this understands the toll this takes on someone. Marie’s message to all: Get your mammogram!

This year we are not only sharing....but walking with Marie in the journey.

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