Great "Bucket List" Day

Location : North Houston

Dominoes With Family

Rose Ganser, a new patient with Silverado hospice has reason to be proud; on January 16, 2014 she will 100 years old!  There were 12 siblings in her family and only she and her sister Nelda are surviving. Rose is widowed twice and has no children.  Nelda is 93 and recently located to this area from Waco, Texas to be close to family.

One thing both sisters have in common is their expertise in dominoes.  The awards they have won are very impressive.  For this reason, Rose’s bucket list item was to play dominoes with her sister again.  This sounds easy, as they live in the same complex but buildings apart. With their health issues, getting together is a task.  

On December 6, 2013, with the permission and enthusiasm of both women and Nelda’s son, Social Worker, Irma Glueck and Spiritual Care Counselor, Greg Brown brought them together for the big domino game.  Home Health Aide, Maura Gomez also participated.  Let’s just say these two ladies were amazing, teaching our team a thing or two.  Nelda came out victorious, but only by 20 points.  It was a lot of fun for all, including Nelda’s son and daughter-in-law who stopped by to watch.

Rose is ready for a re-match!


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