HUG Corner: Thought for the Week - 11/27

Location : North Houston

Healing After Loss (Martha Whitmore Hickman)

"There is a gravitational pull, an endless current which we do not recognize which draws us beyond all things and people, but at the same time more deeply and freely into them."

 - Edward J. Farrell

"One of the ambiguous gifts of our suffering (and they are ambiguous; they are gifts, and we would never have chosen them) is that it enlarges our perspective. Petty complaints we had seem unimportant. People with whom we thought we had nothing in common become special friends. Vocational prowess drops down on the list of our life’s priorities; relationships are what matter.

At the same time that we feel more profoundly and gratefully connected to friends and family, we have a sense that all of us dwell in mystery, that we are connected to earth and sky, to the rhythms of the universe, to the whole range of living things in ways we do not understand.

Maybe I can relinquish my 'white knuckle' grip on life, and trust that all will be well."

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