Hug Corner: Thought for the Week - 2/20

Location : North Houston

From "Healing After Loss" by Martha Whitmore Hickman

What was in the sweep of the sky, the giant outcropping of rock, the sassafras leaf in my hand? I did not know, but I felt hushed by awe and a quiet joy. 

--- Avery Brooke

Perhaps we all have our special places of healing. In a class I took on “Art as Meditation”, the leader suggested, “Close your eyes. Think of your favorite place in all the world”. 

Where is yours? Where is mine? Perhaps they are different places at different times. But as grievers, we would do well to go, as often as we’re able, to places that have a healing calm for us.

And maybe it’s not a single specific place, but a type of place. A friend of mine says, “The Ocean, anywhere, as long as it’s the ocean." 

Once there, we have to be willing to let the place speak to us, and to open our hearts, to “the sweep of sky, the outcropping of rock” –to the peace that seems to emanate from such places, telling us in some mysterious way that all shall be well.


In communion with the beauty of nature, I find an affirmation of all that is, including me.

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