HUG Corner: Thought for the Week - 8/14

Location : North Houston

"Healing After Loss" Martha Whitmore Hickman

"The world is not divided into the strong who care and the weak who are cared for. We must each in turn care and be cared for, not just because it is good for us, but because it is the way things are."

- Sheila Cassidy


Sometimes we who are struggling with grief have a hard time acknowledging our need to be cared for. Are we being weak? Are we drawing attention to ourselves? Particularly if we are used to being “helpers,” we are sometimes not comfortable in the role of the person who needs help. Perhaps we are too proud to let others see we are in pain. Besides, in view of all the pain and suffering in the world – nations facing starvation, whole segments of society living under terrible conditions – how can we ask for a part of the world’s care for our own private grief?

Goodness knows there is more than enough grief in the world to go around. But life is lived one human being at a time, and while we do what we can to ease the burdens of others, there are times when our own burdens are heavy, and we need help. For a time we may need more than what we see as our “share” of help. Never mind. It is our need. It is our turn. We are entitled.

I am a human being and I don’t need to put up a facade of strength.

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