PHOTOS: Third Annual Family Reunion BBQ

Location : North Houston
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Silverado North Houston Hospice families get together for a beautiful day of remembrance and fun

October 17 was a perfect day to be outdoors, helping to make Silverado's 3rd Annual Family BBQ and Walk a great turnout and memorable time for everyone. 

Several people participated in the one mile memorial walk on the beautiful paths at Mercer Arboretum. Our favorite volunteer band, The "b-sharps" provided the music and Sabra Egbert, Jerry Evenson and Blake Greene barbecued a great feast!

With the theme for this year being "time in a bottle",  Greg Brown gave an uplifting talk. This was followed by a creative sand project in which young and old each captured the memory of their loved one using colored sand a glass bottle. The different colors represented characteristics, memories of the person they knew or the life they shared with them.

Everyone walked away with a unique memory to take home and a smile on their face!

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