Silverado Go Wish Program Celebrates Cultural Diversity

Location : North Houston

By Paula Sloan, Silverado Hospice Administrator 

The U.S. is often referred to as a melting pot – one filled with different people from diverse backgrounds. Those differences – or cultures – often shape who we are on our journey through life.

Addressing the needs of our hospice patients includes recognizing and respecting cultural differences. A patient’s last wishes are often dependent on cultural background, religious and spiritual beliefs and their role in the family. To help align with these wishes, Silverado hospice takes time to understand the culture and final wishes of each patient.

Through our “Go Wish” program, Silverado works with patients and families to achieve any final wish, no matter how big, small or….how far it takes us.

A few months ago, our hospice team cared for a patient who wanted to die and be buried in his homeland. We arranged a flight to Israel, but he unfortunately passed away a few days prior to his scheduled departure. Despite his passing, we felt it was important for us to fulfill that final wish. Our nurse, physician and director of patient care services worked tirelessly with the funeral home and the Israeli consulate to have him flown to and buried in his home country.

Our team is privileged to care for and be part of each patient’s end-of-life journey. We celebrate the lives and cultural diversity of those we care for and strive to provide comfort and dignity at the end of life.

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