Silverado Helps Veterans in Need

Location : North Houston
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Partnering with National Veterans Outreach Program

Over the last month, the Silverado Hospice North Houston and Silverado Hospice South Houston teams, led by Lueata Evenson and Debbie Sandberg, collected donations of “interview appropriate” clothing, accessories, and cash donations to give to the National Veterans Outreach Program-American GI Forum. In an effort to assist veterans with finding jobs and the interview process, the business clothing and accessories will be given to local vets. Our thought is ‘If you look good-you feel good!" Our teams were able to collect a full Jeep load of business attire! And with the cash donations, we were able to donate seven haircuts to veterans in the Houston area.

When other Silverado locations and local skilled nursing facilities heard about our donation drive, many contributed donations including The Woodlands Healthcare Center and several Silverado Memory Care Communities in the Houston area (Silverado CypresswoodSilverado KingwoodSilverado Sugar LandSilverado The Woodlands).

Our teams delivered our donations on September 11th, Patriots Day! We were met by Mercelo Uriegas and Jillian Haigood from the National Veteran Outreach Program. Several Silverado associates also joined us and Silverado Community Engagement Assistant Adena Williams even brought a special guest with her, Andrea Jones, Silverado Sugar Land resident and retired Naval Commander!

With the helps of all parties, we had a successful delivery day and were able to help veterans in our local area! Every one had a great time and Andrea had a wonderful time reminiscing about her military life in which she was a very highly respected Nurse and Commander in the Navy.

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